Motion Evolution is a comprehensive fitness program unlike any other.

By positively influencing wellness and fitness and integrating exercise into a healthy life concept, Motion Evolution counteracts the forces encouraging obesity. The key features of the program are:

Physical Literacy. People learn the ABC’s of the alphabet system, the 123’s of the numeric system, and the notes of a musical system. Motion Evolution teaches the elements of the physical development system to enhance learning capabilities in all areas of life!

Using elements such as eye/hand and eye/foot coordination, along with jumping, agility, motor skills, balance, inversions, weight transfers, rolling and twisting, the Motion Evolution program provides a well-rounded platform for life.

Mind Body Connections. The Motion Evolution program is based on scientific brain development principles. Exercise really activates the brain. So what you see, and what you get, are people who are sharper. They’re more attentive, they’re less impulsive, and they’re less fidgety. They can sustain their attention longer, and it promotes their ability to sort through information and take it in.

Personal Best. Based on only personal best of each person (as opposed to the competition model more commonly found in traditional institutions and programs), the Motion Evolution program encourages healthy mental and emotional approaches to measuring true progress in all areas of life.

Nutritional Education. Nutritional Education must be integrated into a wellness and fitness program to be effective. The Motion Evolution program provides information on the what, why, when and how to eat. This is essentially the nutritional literacy system that must accompany a physical literacy program!

Movement through Play and Teamwork. FUN is the way people learn! Keeping this in mind, the Motion Evolution program utilizes games that develop a wide array of qualities. These include spatial awareness, memory, social skills, self control, leadership skills, field/ground discrimination, listening, and many others.

Wellness Motivation. The Motion Evolution program creates a motivating physical activity environment for people. Consequently, it delivers a higher level of perceived competence and self esteem in each person.